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As stated on our E-bike rental page, we have many different types of Ebike available for sale and for rental. Electric bikes are quickly increasing in popularity due to their ease of use, portability, affordability, and many can reach upwards of 50 miles on a charge, with charging times of around 4-6 hours, depending on the type of bike.

Below are various types of EBike, available for rental and for sale, with descriptions of features associated with that E-bike (step-thru, folding, etc) and pictures of some of the electric bikes we currently have for sale on Prime Cart Parts. NOTE: At the time of writing, the electric bikes listed below are available at our main location in Riviera Beach, FL. When reading, they may no longer be in-store, but new and used E-bikes frequently come in to replace them. For more information on availability and stock, use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Additional note: The types of Ebike often share features with one another, and are not necessarily defined by one characteristic. For example, a city E-bike can also have fat tires, a step-thru E-bike can be a city bike as well, or a fat tire E-bike can also fold up.

Types of EBike

Fat Tire EBike

As the name suggests, fat tire E-bikes have much bigger, thicker tires than a standard electric bike, and their rugged texture and durability makes them great for using over uneven terrain, such as hiking trails and mountain paths. Often, fat tire E-bikes have wider, thicker frames as well, to match the heavier, sturdier tires, though this is not always the case.

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Sondors Fat Tire E-Bike Auloor Fat Tire E-Bike KingChii Fat Tire E-Bike

City Types of EBike

City E-bikes are one of the most common electric bikes that we have for rental and for sale, appearing similar to a standard bicycle, often with a thin, light frame and most commonly standard-sized tires. They can either have a standard bike frame, with the seat holder connected to the front bar, or a step-thru frame, further explained in the step-thru types of Ebike section. City E-bikes also often come with a rear rack, where small bags or other belongings can be stored by riders.

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Denago City E-Bike HeyBike City E-Bike Velotric City E-Bike

Step-Thru Types of EBike

A step-thru frame on an E-bike is when the metal part of the frame connecting the front to the seat piece is curved downwards, creating a U-shaped gap between the seat and handlebars that riders can easily step through for quick mount and dismount. These types of bikes are great for older riders or riders with reduced range of motion, as the step-thru frame allows a rider to easily hop onto the bike seat without having to lift a leg high over the middle bar.

Mokwheel Step-Thru E-Bike Rad Power Step-Thru E-Bike Ancheer Step-Thru E-Bike

Folding EBike

A lot of Ebikes fold up for easy storage, but some are specifically designed to fold in half at the middle. These bikes are often smaller with wider frames, sometimes having smaller wheels, though many are the same standard size as the city E-bikes. Electric bikes that fold either tuck in towards the center, or fold in half in the middle – bikes that fold in half are distinguishable by the hinge on the middle piece. Handlebars can sometimes fold down as well.

Enzo Folding E-Bike Lectric Folding E-Bike Vtuvia Folding E-Bike
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